Benskins is a company from Northern Portugal (Porto) founded in 2001.
We work in the textile field, and the production of all kind of Outwear clothing became our specialty.
Our market is global as we work with national and international clients: we import and export.
We are an import / export company that supplies and represents national and international renowned clients in the textile area. 
We are highly specialized not only in leather products, but also in Outwear clothing, such as leather jackets, fake fur, eco suede, bio-leather, polyesters, nylons, etc…
We follow the product from the design phase (drawings, materials and ideas) to the samples and collections development with a follow-up and production control until the delivery.

We assume an active “partner” attitude with our clients with dynamic and fresh relationships. 
We always try to identify, in an expert and responsible way, our clients’ strategic interests and identity, prizing their expectations and responding to their different needs, suggesting new materials, new shapes and technological developments. 
With an expert team, a continuous follow-up and a customer portfolio of international renowned clients, we search to aim excellence in our services, trust from the clients and workers, long term relationships and a differentiating entrepreneurship spirit, ensuring always the best producers for each type of product according to the used materials, deadlines and needed flexibility.
We give a particular importance to our relation with clients and the products’ quality we work with, which are ruled by the highest technical criteria, level of demand, stringency and professionalism. 
Our main goal is the client’s effective satisfaction, adequacy and efficiency of the solutions we present.
We believe in the excellence of our products, in the professionalism of our workers and in our abilities. 
We work hard to pursue concrete objectives within goals and production timings we aim to reach.
We believe that the proximity between client and producer gives better results.
We try to work with cutting-edge products, shapes and clients, with an aware and stringent development analysis and innovation of the textile market.
We try to win the clients, offering not only what they want, but also innovating within a proactive logic with market overview. 
We try to analyse the market and create strategies with the clients, in a close co-authoring relationship, since we help the clients in their growing and we try to grow with them.
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Rua Conde Alto Mearim, nº 1133, S 64
4450 - 036 Matosinhos - PORTUGAL

tlm +351 225 099 388
fax +351 229 437 999